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Quattroservices Tampere is known as a reliable implementer of installations projects in Tampere and Pirkanmaav

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Quattroservices Tampere – installing technology for wonderful new apartment houses and classic properties

Quattroservices Tampere is a strong player in installations contracting in Pirkanmaa. Our services include heating and sanitation, ventilation, technical insulation and maintenance. We focus on apartments both in wonderful new developments and in classic properties. We often carry out turnkey projects or develop the content of the project with design support.

Recently, we have completed interesting projects such as the Tampereen Kansi tower houses, which shape the entire city’s skyline, and the heating and sanitation project for the facilities built in the early 20th century red brick factories of Pyynikin Trikoo. Both new buildings and renovation of valuable older properties require the most advanced installations know-how and comprehensive understanding of the site.

Many of Pirkanmaa’s most experienced installations professionals work for Quattroservices Tampere. We offer a good environment for personal development and interesting tasks also for young engineers. In our projects, you get responsibility, expand your skills, and you get to know interesting projects, because we are involved in front-line construction sites. A skilled worker with a desire to develop will thrive in our competent team.

Quattroservices Tampere joined QMG in 2014. At the beginning of 2024, QMG merged its Tampere-based subsidiaries Quattroservices Tampere and Movitek Etelä-Suomi. After the merger, the company was named Quattroservices Tampere.


Quattroservices Tampere Oy
Kuokkamaantie 8
33800 TAMPERE, Finland

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Svantte Vaskikallio
Managing Director
+358 40 903 1293


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