The green transition in properties is moving forward – QMG is gaining strength in building automation

Hausmatic Oy, QMG’s subsidiary specialising in building automation systems in Uusimaa, continues to grow. In 2022, the company’s turnover increased by 25% to EUR 3.2 million. Hausmatic has been part of the QMG building technology group since 2021. In 2022, the building automation business of JTL Building Control and a group of professionals joined Hausmatic. The company currently employs 14 automation professionals.

– The carbon footprint of the real estate sector needs to be reduced. It is in the interest of both their owners and society. With modern building automation solutions, we effectively reduce energy consumption and emissions. That is why automation is at the core of our strategy, and we are actively expanding our services to customers, says Pekka Pöykkö, Managing Director of QMG Partners.

– The importance of building automation is growing every year. Not only in new apartment buildings, but also in renovation projects, commercial and public sector buildings, as we move towards apartment-specific automation. That’s why I think that we need to invest in automation expertise in Finland in the long term, says Harri Havurinne, Managing Director of Hausmatic.

Hausmatic strengthens its project management

Electrical engineer Antero Lindström has been appointed Project Manager for Hausmatic’s automation solutions as of 1 September. He has worked with automation solutions at Eleta and Consti for ten years.

– My responsibilities include tender calculations for new projects and project management. The work is very interesting, and I like that the sites are varied. I have previously worked on new and renovation projects, as well as hospitals and airports, so I am looking forward to new and interesting projects, says Antero Lindström.

In addition to Hausmatic, the QMG Group’s building automation projects include AET-Automation in Southern Finland, Ajansähkö in Central Finland, Mesiel in Kokkola, Mikenti in Leppävirta and Jyväskylä, Mikenti Talotekniikka in Greater Helsinki, ORS Service in Pietarsaari, and Automation T&N and Tammi Kiinteistötekniikka in Ostrobothnia.

Pictured: Harri Havurinne (left) and Antero Lindström.

More information:

Pekka Pöykkö, Managing Director, QMG Partners, +358 50 432 4822,

Harri Havurinne, Managing Director, Hausmatic Oy, +358 40 861 8811,

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