Tornion Ilmastointi­tekniikka Oy

Tornion Ilmastointitekniikka is a versatile installations partner for property owners and industrial clients.

Area of operation
Lapland North Ostrobothnia
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Tornion Ilmastointitekniikka – we take responsibility for installations and, in some cases, up to modular manufacturing

Tornion Ilmastointitekniikka is a full-service heating, sanitation, ventilation and property automation company. Our operations have long included installation, maintenance and renovation as well as contracting. This way our services expanded further with strong electrical expertise. A total of 15 professionals work at Tornion Ilmastointitekniikka.

We plan and select the right product and service combinations to each customer’s needs. Our solutions include accessories, automation, contracting, ventilation duct cleaning and maintenance services.

We are familiar with important buildings in the North. For example, we have installed technology to travel destinations such as the famous Kemi Snow Castle, to schools, offices, shopping centers and logistics terminals, as well as industrial buildings, mines and properties of government organizations.

Our multi-brand representation brings together the best manufacturers in the world and fulfills your needs – whether you need the entire installations system, or just help with an operational system.

Our technical property services cover regular maintenance, quick repairs, information about new products, product support and feedback. Our most common services are cleaning of air conditioning machines and ventilation ducts.

Our project management is guided by industry standard based scheduling. It takes into account the customer’s point of view in different work phases, the changes required by critical tasks and, for example, tool changes.

We manufacture special parts and ducts in our own workshop. In addition, we take care of equipment measurements, adjustments and maintenance. We also manufacture special parts for air conditioning needs.

Tornion Ilmastointitekniikka joined QMG in 2021.


Tornion Ilmastointitekniikka Oy
Torpinkatu 16
95420 TORNIO, Finland

Contact person

Toni Syrjälä
Managing Director
+358 400 104 990