Gas delivery systems

Installation and maintenance of gas delivery systems have been part of Calto’s services since 1966. Company is a respected supplier of both medical and industrial gas systems.

We implement gas delivery solutions in hospitals, research institutes and industrial buildings.

The gas delivery systems ensure safe and economical gas distribution. Gas is led through the pipeline to the hospital’s various gas intake points in cylinders or in liquid or respirable form.

The gas delivery system includes a gas center, a stabilization regulator, a pressure monitor, alarm units, a quick shut-off box and gas intake valves. Our duties typically include the installations of the system and its regular maintenance.

Calto’s employees specializing in gas delivery systems have plenty of experience in various hospitals and industrial sites. We are also used to rebuilding, testing and repairing the systems.

The gas delivery systems we install are often vital and critical to the processes they are connected to. It is of utmost importance that all those involved in the work follow strict requirements for cleanliness and accuracy.

Finland’s leading implementer of gas delivery systems

Calto installs gas delivery systems in several locations. Our customers are hospitals, laboratories and process industry plants across the country.

The installation phase usually coincides with the installation of ventilation channels, because the pipelines follow the same routes. We usually carry out annual maintenance of the systems.

The technical personnel of hospital districts, research institutes and industry are very competent. We work closely with them on these important projects.

Calto regularly audits its ISO 13485 quality system for medical devices.

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