energy efficiency

We help businesses, the public sector, and property owners to find the best energy-saving and sustainable building technology solutions.

Buildings are in a key position to curb climate change. We want to be the most responsible player in installations and technical property services supporting our customers to achieve their environmental goals. We help them to find cost-effective and sustainable solutions for buildings of all types and sizes.

Compliance with maintenance and service recommendations as well as correctly adjusted equipment are a solid foundation for a well-functioning energy system. In greenfield projects, energy efficiency drives the design process, but there is also plenty of possibilities for modernising practices and systems in older buildings and renovation projects.

Our experts design, implement and maintain systems, and help make the right equipment and supply choices to support environmental and energy-saving goals.

Managing service water and wastewater networks

In the case of water and wastewater networks, there are many opportunities to save energy and reduce costs.

  • With energy efficient fixtures we can limit water points flow and, as a result, save service water.
  • A properly adjusted service water network saves energy.
  • By installing standard pressure valves, we can adjust the water pressure.
  • By installing domestic water gauges, it is possible to achieve considerable savings.
  • Depending on the property, notable amounts of thermal energy can be retrieved from wastewater.

Managing heating and cooling systems

Energy savings in buildings can also be significantly increased by introducing energy-efficient and low-emission heating and cooling systems.

  • A properly adjusted heating system helps avoid overheating.
  • With different heat pump systems, it is possible to remarkably minimise the need for purchased energy.
  • Modern cooling system and utilizing at the same time condensated heat support energy savings.
  • The most energy efficient solution would be the use of hybrid heating and cooling systems.

Managing ventilation systems

A good indoor climate does not exclude simultaneous energy savings. Proper maintenance and the right equipment choices will increase energy efficiency.

  • Cleaning of ventilation ducts and basic adjustment of the system ensure healthy indoor air conditions.
  • Fresh air valves equipped with automatic adjustment help avoid excessive energy consumption.
  • By controlling ventilation according to needs and the property’s occupancy rate, it is possible to save considerable amounts of energy.
  • We can cost-effectively improve the ventilation unit’s energy efficiency and extend its lifetime by renewing only a few components.
  • By recovering heat from the building’s exhaust air and transferring it to the supply air, a considerable amount of energy can be saved.

Electrical systems and building automation

The use of renewable energy and an efficient building automation system play a key role in saving energy costs in a building.

  • Solar power systems minimise the property’s electricity purchases. Excess production can be sold to local electricity companies.
  • With modern lighting design and customised control, we can cut down energy consumption.
  • A state-of-the-art building automation system connects and adjusts the property’s building technology systems into an energy efficient entity.
  • Low-emission electric vehicles are becoming more common and the need for charging systems/points is growing.

Within our group we have professionals who support customers in all sustainable installations and technical property services. Please contact any of these companies to find out more about the different options.