QMG acquires KVL, a versatile heating and sanitation company in Southeast Finland

Kouvolan Putki- ja Poltinhuolto sekä QMG

QMG, Nimlas’ operations in Finland, acquires KVL Putki- ja Poltinhuolto Oy (KVL) in Kouvola, Southeast Finland. KVL offers the most versatile heating, sanitation and ventilation services in the region. It will be QMG’s 50th subsidiary.

KVL provides installations and services for housing companies, industry and office properties as well as public sector properties. The properties are either new buildings or renovation projects. The clientele also includes private households who need help with heat pumps or oil burner maintenance.

All employees will continue in their positions

In the financial period ending on 31 July 2023, KVL’s turnover was 2.7 million euros, and the company employs 13 installations and service professionals. After the acquisition, the company will continue to operate under its own name, and the personnel will continue in their positions as existing employees. Entrepreneurs Mikko Karhu, Tuomas Karhu and Kimmo Sipura join the ownership program of QMG’s parent company Nimlas Group.

– In a city the size of Kouvola, you only succeed with a wide range of services, so we have built up special expertise in, for example, refrigeration installations and oil and gas burner maintenance. The need for traditional energy sources is not going away in near future. Therefore, our technicians master all the key technologies, says KVL’s Managing Director Mikko Karhu.

– We want long-term customer relationships, and we always emphasize good customer service and attention to detail in our work. We will answer the phone and take care of the customers, Mikko Karhu continues.

Common ground with QMG was easy to find

At some point last winter, KVL contacted the management of QMG, and the conversation progressed quite quickly.

– Common ground was found surprisingly easily. We felt QMG was an interesting company, and they, in turn, appreciated the work we did and gave good feedback about our business. We recognized that we would get exactly the strategic support we needed from them. In addition, joining QMG would bring opportunities for professional development for the staff. As founders, we also appreciate the contacts with other entrepreneurs in the group, Mikko Karhu describes.

– KVL has a good working spirit. The company has systematically been developed to become the market leader in the region. The reputation in the region is strong. In addition to the founders, the father of the Karhu brothers worked in the company in the early years, and as an experienced HVAC professional, he certainly has given the boys some valuable advice. It’s great to welcome KVL to join us as we are strengthening our position in Southeast Finland, says QMG’s Business Director Pekka Pöykkö.

– What is more, we have more reason to celebrate – a kind of fiftieth anniversary, because QMG now has fifty subsidiaries. In this part of the county, KVL is our first heating and sanitation company. As for electrical contracting, we have two companies here – Kuusitunturi Lahti and Quattroservices Kaakkois-Suomi, Pekka Pöykkö concludes.

For further information:

Pekka Pöykkö, Business Director, Services, QMG, pekka.poykko@qmg.fi, +358 50 432 4482

Mikko Karhu, Managing Director, KVL Putki- ja Poltinhuolto Oy, mikko.karhu@putkijapoltinhuolto.fi, +358 40 6804630

KVL Putki- ja Poltinhuolto in brief

Founded in 2011, KVL Putki- ja Poltinhuolto Oy is a versatile HVAC service company operating in Kouvola region in Southeast Finland. They sell, install and maintain HVAC systems, heat pumps, oil and gas burners as well as refrigeration technology. The company’s customers are households, business property owners, housing companies, municipalities and cities around ​​Kouvola.

KVL’s long experience in piping, burner maintenance and heating systems guarantees versatile know-how and sustainable, professional working methods. The company’s headquarters are in Kouvola, and it employs 13 HVAC professionals. The turnover was EUR 2.7 million in the financial period ending on 31 July 2023.

More information on the website www.putkijapoltinhuolto.fi

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