Ilmastointi-Mikenti Oy

Ilmastointi-Mikenti is a strong player in air-conditioning and energy efficiency projects.

Area of operation
Kanta-Häme Uusimaa
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Member of QMG Partners

Ilmastointi-Mikenti Oy – a specialist in cutting-edge ventilation contracting and energy efficiency projects

Ilmastointi-Mikenti specializes in ventilation project management. The company’s services include also energy efficiency projects with related heating and sanitation as well as air-conditioning solutions for both greenfield and renovation sites. We operate in Uusimaa and Kanta-Häme regions.

Ilmastointi-Mikenti’s project management model is based on strong know-how and ability to solve problems from start to finish. The properties we typically work on are schools, offices and commercial buildings. In addition, we have substantial experience from special locations, protected buildings and other unique environments.

A well-executed ventilation system project starts with thorough planning with the customer and engineering experts. Improvements to, for example, calculated air volumes, installation methods, and planned machines and equipment will most likely be established in these discussions. During the implementation phase, we monitor that the ventilation channels remain clean for proper operation. The project manager also pays close attention to the installation and adjustments of the ventilation equipment so that they can work according to the plans.

By profession, most of our crew are ventilation or heating and sanitation project managers. Experts from other QMG companies may also complement our team as partners in the implementation phase.

Ilmastointi-Mikenti was founded in 2007 and we are part of the original Mikenti branch of QMG.

Ilmastointi-Mikenti is a member of QMG Partners network.


Ilmastointi-Mikenti Oy

Elannontie 5
01510 VANTAA, Finland
+358 44 567 3724

Kutomonkuja 2C 1
30100 FORSSA, FInland
+358 44 5933 859


Contact person

Sakari Voutilainen
Managing Director
+358 44 300 1227

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