quattro mikenti group

QMG – Quattro Mikenti Group – is a technical installations and services group that provides contracting and services for residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings in both new and renovation construction.

The group consists of 45 (March 2024) local contracting and services companies throughout Finland and it employs more than 1,500 professionals. QMG’s turnover in 2023 was approximately EUR 270 million (pro forma).

QMG as well as Sandbäckens in Sweden and Konstel in Norway together form the Nordic Nimlas Group. Its main owner private equity company KLAR Partners. What is more, Nimlas Group has more than 500 shareowners among its personnel. Nimlas Group employs 3,500 people in the Nordic countries and its annual turnover is approximately EUR 600 million.


QMG’s way of working emphasises entrepreneurship and expertise. This way, we are always a reliable, high-performance partners to construction companies, property owners and real estate investors.

We know the best practices in all installations and services. We adopt new technologies into use, when they are economic and beneficial to property users and owners and to the society.

QMG’s expertise has a significant personnel angle. We are actively promoting for the enhancement of vocational training and education in Finland. The industry also needs more women both in technical and administrative roles. We are encouraging young people to start working in our business – and the experienced veterans to continue their careers for example in lighter tasks where they can utilize their knowledge. We also readily employ people, who have immigrated to Finland with suitable interest, education and teamwork skills.

We are part of the HVAC Technology 2030 development project, where companies and researchers are working together to innovate and produce solutions to modernise the technology..

We’ve got the spirit. QMG is the sharpest edge in installations.