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JRA-Sähkö offers a wide range of services for water and waste water renovation, ICT systems and electrical contracting of business premises.

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JRA-Sähkö – versatile know-how and professional experience

JRA-Sähkö specialises in water and wastewater renovation, ICT systems and electrical installations for industrial, commercial and municipal premises. The company was founded in 1998 and we hold S2 and AT qualifications for electrical and aerial and telecommunications installations.

JRA-Sähkö employs around 30 professionals, and for larger projects we inforce our team with our regular business partners. We are a member of STUL – The Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland.

We carry out renovations in properties of all sizes. For a housing company, a water and wastewater renovation is always a major project and often involves upgrading of electrical networks and ventilation systems in addition to replacing pipes and drains.

As a speciality, we carry out optical fiber welding for apartment blocks, terraced houses, commercial and industrial buildings. High-quality work ensures that your broadband connection works quickly and safely, without the risk of overheating or electromagnetic interference.

JRA-Sähkö has more than 20 years of experience in electrical installation projects, and we employ top experts in the field for industrial, commercial and municipal electrical installations. Additionally, we carry out electrical work for new apartment houses and housing renovations.

In 2021, JRA-Sähkö merged with Sähkösalpa Oy. JRA-Sähkö has been part of the QMG since 2018 and Sähkösalpa since 2016.

JRA-Sähkö is a member of QMG Partners network.


JRA-Sähkö Oy
Elannontie 5
01510 VANTAA, Finland
+358 40 752 5330

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Tapani Lempinen
Managing Director
+358 40 752 5330

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