Palokatkot Vänskä Oy

Palokatkot Vänskä offers industrial and commercial properties with professional firestops in Southern Finland.

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Kanta-Häme Kymenlaakso Päijät-Häme Pirkanmaa Southwest Finland Uusimaa
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Palokatkot Vänskä provides a responsible and efficient firestop service

Palokatkot Vänskä is a firestop services professional founded in 2006. In addition to Uusimaa, the company works in projects in various parts of southern Finland. The properties we protect include industrial plants, commercial premises and residential buildings.

Firestops mean safe sealing of the penetrations through structures that separate parts of buildings, such as floors, ceilings and walls. Pass-throughs are made for various technical pipelines or cabling and electrical lines. Firestops create passive fire protection that is useful for all buildings.

Palokatkot Vänskä’s services include insulations against cable fires, electrical fires, pipe fires, ventilation fires as well as planning and documentation.

In the implementation of firestops, it is most critical to ensure the tightness of penetrations, fire-safety of materials as well as work quality. For each building, we use materials specified in the plans, in order to cover the fire protection needs of the property. The tightness of the penetration is ensured in a fire-safe manner. We document and photograph firestops for building users, renovators and insurance companies.

A skilled technician implements firestops according to the details specified in the plans to meet the desired 30, 60 or 90-minute fire resistance requirement. He or she must also know the properties of the sealing materials. Materials that cannot withstand the heat or that may even increase the risk of fire must not be used for sealing.

Palokatkot Vänskä’s professionals have both education and work experience in building construction or technology. In addition, they have completed VTT’s fire sealing certificates.

Palokatkot Vänskä is a member of QMG Partners network.

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Palokatkot Vänskä Oy
Vaiveronkatu 65
+358 40 552 9667

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Anton Vänskä
Managing Director
+358 40 552 9667

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