Mikenti Talo­tekniikka Oy

Mikenti Talotekniikka delivers a complete offering of technical installations to greenfield apartment houses.

Mikenti Talotekniikka – complete building engineering technology and contracting for greenfield apartment houses

Mikenti Talotekniikka focuses on new apartment houses in the capital region and Uusimaa. We offer construction companies a complete installations service, which includes heating and sanitation, ventilation, electricity, as well as automation. As a speciality, Mikenti Talotekniikka has been responsible for the installations in numerous wooden apartment houses.

In addition to complete projects, we carry out special projects in heating and sanitation, ventilation, electricity and automation as well as engineering support. We work with both turnkey and target price models.

In projects for new apartment houses, we typically carry out HVAC contracts at a fixed total price. With active engineering support and consulting we can find lighter solutions already at the bidding stage.

Our experienced project managers handle the requirements of projects with a firm grip. In complete installations projects, an experienced team and project manager hold the strings making the delivery easy and transparent for the customer.

Mikenti Talotekniikka employs more than 60 building engineering professionals – HVAC and electrical installers, project managers and versatile housing engineering professionals. We implement the projects with our own crew and with our long-term selected partners.

Mikenti Talotekniikka was founded in 2005, and it is one of the original units in QMG’s Mikenti branch.


Mikenti Talotekniikka Oy

Takkatie 14 B
00370 HELSINKI, Finland

Kasarmikatu 5 A
15700 LAHTI, Finland

Contact person

Mikko Virtanen
Managing Director
+358 40 576 3323

news: Mikko Virtanen becomes Managing Director of Mikenti Talotekniikka

Mikko Virtanen has been appointed Managing Director of Mikenti Talotekniikka Oy in the QMG Group as of 1 January 2022. He has previously served as the company’s Director of Electrical Contracting.


Housing Company in Sompasaari

Mikenti Talotekniikka is involved in the construction of most modern apartments in Finland, along with…
Building automation
Energy efficiency
Heating and sanitation