We define sustainable business as legal, morally acceptable and aligned with the society’s values. Sustainability is of high importance to us and we evaluate all our actions from the points of view of environment, social and community aspects as well as good governance.

QMG is proud of the opportunities our business has in sustainability-related issues such as energy solutions. We can greatly influence in energy efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness of buildings – throughout their life cycles.

We know the best practices in all installations and services. We adopt new technologies into use, when they are economic and beneficial to property users and owners and to the society.

We belong to the Nordic Nimlas Group and report about sustainability as part of the annual report. Our main owner KLAR Partners publishes an annual sustainability report, which also includes the data of Nimlas Group.

For more information, please contact Vesa Vuopio, QMG’s Director of Sustainability and Sourcing.

Out professionals help to find the best energy-saving and sustainable building technology solutions.

Towards electric traffic

Buildings and traffic cause a major share of Finland’s CO2 emissions. We want to be involved in the pursuit to minimise them. We are, for example, playing a leading role in installing charging stations for electric vehicles with our partner Plugit Finland.

QMG supports its customers’ environmental goals

Solar energy systems and related design and installation are key service areas in which QMG will invest heavily in the coming years.