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SW-Sähkö carries out electrical, telecommunication and security installations as well as line renovations and technical services.

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SW-Sähkö is known for demanding electrical installation solutions

SW-Sähkö was founded in 2013, and our business has been on the rise since the first years. We are used to both greenfield and renovation projects covering electrical, telecommunication and security installations, line renovations as well as repairs and maintenance.

We carry out electrical installations and lighting solutions for offices and business premises, which include several companies in the restaurant industry. Electrical installations in restaurants and other commercial premises require versatile skills, creative thinking and a solution-oriented approach. The projects vary from small renovations to large and complex electrical renovations. Already in the planning phase, we can provide a reliable and accurate cost and schedule estimate for the project.

SW-Sähkö provides electrification service and maintenance services as a partner of housing companies and property managers.

We also carry out line renovations for apartment houses in cooperation with construction companies. Projects often include many separate work phases, so it is advisable to choose a reliable and expert operator as a partner, so that the needs are mapped in a customer-oriented way and the end result corresponds to the goals.Every SW-Sähkö employee is committed to our operating principles. We want to be reliable and knowledgeable, so that it’s easy to trust every professional in our team. The management of projects is important to us – the work must always be carried out in a planned manner and according to the schedule. We always strive for efficiency, that is, we follow agreed schedules and cost estimates. And we don’t compromise on quality: the finished work is a matter of honour for us.

SW-Sähkö is a member of QMG Partners network.

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SW-Sähkö Oy
Elannontie 5
01510 VANTAA
044 545 88 88

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Weijo Peng
Managing Director / Project Manager
+358 44 545 88 88

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