An Innovative building

Ajansähkö contracted the electricity for Woodspin’s new and innovative industrial plant. The size and nature of the site made the project special and interesting.

DeveloperJykia Oy
QMG subsidiaryAjansähkö Oy
Surface area11 500 m²
Services Electrical contracting

Ajansähkö electrified an innovative production plant

In October 2022, construction company SRV handed over a unique factory building to real estate development company Jykia. Jykia had it built for a joint venture formed by material innovation company Spinnova and pulp manufacturing firm Suzano.

At the factory, located in Eteläportti industrial area of Jyväskylä, textile fiber will be manufactured out of wood-based pulp for the versatile needs of textile industry. The ecological SPINNOVA® fiber is manufactured without dissolution or use of harmful chemicals.

The property is approximately 11 500 m² in area. Out of that, ca. 9 500 m² is for production, and ca. 2 000 m² for office and laboratory space. The property also hosts Suzano Finland Oy’s MFC plant as well as Spinnova’s headquarters.

SRV’s Petteri Savola, who was in charge of construction, mentions that unique needs and strong R&D operations contributed to the new production plant’s exceptional nature as a construction project.

– This kind of a building contains plenty of technology, and it is essential to ensure it works flawlessly. In addition, a lot of attention has been paid to sustainable energy solutions. Electricity plays a significant role as all machines in the factory run on electricity.

It is particularly important for us to choose partners we can trust and who we know can deliver a demanding project on time and on budget.

Seija Takanen, CEO, Jykia

Heimo Niininen, CEO of Ajansähkö – the company that was responsible for the electric work in the building – agrees: the building’s size and nature as a large industrial environment made the project both unique and interesting. 

– When the schedule is tight and technology new, wide expertise and experience provide advantage. As construction plans became more precise as the work progressed, it was essential to find solutions that enable purposeful process and equipment installations.

Niininen also compliments SRV on the successful project. Controlling the big picture is always a significant element of a successful construction enterprise. The role becomes even more important when schedule is tight, as it was with the Woodspin factory.

Subcontractors obviously play their part as well. Petteri Savola says that special attention was paid to the chosen partners’ ability to successfully handle challenging tasks. Ajansähkö and SRV have collaborated earlier, and it was known that Ajansähkö has performed well even in larger enterprises than the Woodspin factory.

Jykia’s CEO Seija Takanen underlines the uniqueness of Woodspin as an innovative production plant. She points out that as the property owner and builder, the development company was even more attentive than usually when it came to choosing the subcontractors.

– Jykia chose SRV to be the contractor for Woodspin, but we also approved of all subcontractors for our part. For us, it is especially important to choose partners which we can fully trust and who are proven to be able to carry out demanding enterprises in a cost-efficient manner and on schedule.

The Woodspin factory was handed over a month ahead of schedule. Heimo Niininen mentions that the new technologies and energy efficiency that are well represented in the production plant are the direction towards which construction projects are heading in general. Ajansähkö continuously studies new solutions in construction industry, as well as the demands they set to electrotechnical work. The company also puts these learnings to good use on a regular basis.

– I believe that innovative construction projects such as the Woodspin factory become all along more common. Ajansähkö aims to stay in the forefront of that development, Heimo Niininen states.

Photo: SRV

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