Electrical work at homes

Assonant is a contract partner of the Helsinki Region Student Housing Foundation Hoas and is responsible for electricity-related maintenance in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

QMG subsidiaryAssonant Oy
Services Electrical contracting Technical services
CustomerThe Foundation for Student Housing in Helsinki Region Hoas

A familiar partner brings smoothness to Hoas’ electrical work assignments

The Foundation for Student Housing in Helsinki Region Hoas owns around 10 000 rental apartments. The non-profit foundation owns student apartments in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen, all of which are easily accessible with public transport. They are serviced and repaired by several contractors. From the  QMG there is Assonant (electrical work) and LVI-Trio (plumbing).

We have been working with Hoas for many years now, so we have a solid routine.

Petri Lahtinen, Managing Director, Assonant

In addition to maintenance contract, Assonant also carries out smaller projects for Hoas in response to separate requests for quotations. These may include the installation of charging points for electric vehicles or, for example, smoke detectors for several apartments at a time.

Assonant receives service requests for maintenance through the ordering system. Hoas Property Maintenance will first check the situation themselves. If a professional electrician is needed to solve the problem, they will forward the service requests.

– We have our “trusted flight manager” Päivi in the office, who distributes the orders and makes sure our installers have the necessary information. We have been working with Hoas for many years now, so we have a solid routine,” says Petri Lahtinen, Managing Director.

Correct rhythm is part of the assonant’s professionalism

Assonant is focused on the maintenance business and its professional and customer-oriented service model is particularly well suited to residential properties, where residents are often present during maintenance work. Most of the time, electricians work when homeowners are at home.

When working at someone’s home, there is a need for special interaction skills. Many people want to know in advance when they will be serviced. Sometimes a homeowner may be tired after a long party and the service appointment is rescheduled by mutual agreement. The right rhythm is needed daily, with Assonant’s installers adjusting their own schedules and organising their journeys around the metropolitan area so that there are no extra breaks in the working day.

Rhythmicity in Assonant is also needed for general work planning. Most moves of rental apartments take place at the turn of the month and major installation projects are not usually scheduled for the same  period.

– New residents are keen to move in at the weekend. Particularly in apartments under renovation, the last to arrive is often electrician who is still fixing sockets while the tenant is already bringing things over. Sometimes we help carry the table in.

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