Lämpöjokeri installed an air-to-water heat pump and renewed the entire HVAC system of the 150-year-old main building of the historic manor.

QMG subsidiaryLämpöjokeri Oy
Services Cooling and refrigeration Heating and sanitation
CustomerPrivate historical property
Jussi Heimonen from Lämpöjokeri and Antti Kulonen (video in Finnish, 12 min.).


Orrila Manor is in Villähde, Lahti. The history of the manor goes back to the 17th century, while the current main building is from the 1870s. By 2020s, the property needed a thorough renovation.

In the big old building, there is a lot of both square meters and cubic meters to heat. When choosing a new heating system, geothermal was out of the question due to the location of the property. Current owner Antti Kulonen contacted Lämpöjokeri to find a suitable tailored solution.

As a result, a comprehensive renewal was carried out to upgrade the energy system of the main building, which was previously heated with electric radiators and old stoves and furnaces. This included installation of an air-to-water heat pump and radiator network, as well as replacement of the domestic cold and hot water pipes.

The renovation project was a success. The house got warm before the winter frosts, and we were able to continue to work on the interior in heated rooms. The new pump has been running for a few months now, and I haven’t even remembered it exists, because everything functions so well.

Antti Kulonen, owner, Orrila Manor

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