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Parmaco, which rents out schools, kindergartens, and office spaces to its customers, has been cooperating with Mikenti for more than 20 years.

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Mikenti helps Parmaco build schools and premises for rent

Parmaco, which rents out schools, kindergartens, and office spaces to its customers, has been cooperating with Mikenti for more than 20 years. Renting a building is risk-free, flexible, and economical. For users, it is safe, modern, and environmentally responsible.

Parmaco’s business idea is to provide its customers with buildings that can be transformed into learning, teaching and education spaces that meet modern requirements. Parmaco focuses on the rental business and manages the entire chain from design to production as well as building installation and is responsible for the buildings throughout the rental period.

The total area of ​​the buildings leased by Parmaco in Finland and Sweden is more than 250,000 square meters. The popularity of renting buildings has grown, especially in the 2010s.

Mikenti has a team of 10-15 heating, sanitation and ventilation experts at Parmaco’s Leppävirta production plant working alongside the regular staff and a group of about 10 builders at the construction sites. Buildings can be modified according to changes in the user’s needs. The separately constructed building elements are about four meters wide and they are installed side by side.

Mikenti designs heating, sanitation and ventilation solutions for the separate elements and installs the needed building services into them: water pipes, faucets as well as ventilation ducts and heating. The installations are carried out on site so that the building can be commissioned quickly and safely.

Parmaco assembles the elements indoors and delivers them to the sites well protected. The installation is also protected from the weather on the construction site, as the waterproof roof is always installed beforehand. 

With the cooperation of Parmaco and Mikenti, it is possible to deliver a new school, kindergarten, or office building to customers very quickly. For example, a school ordered in May will be ready for use before the schools start in August. Since 2022, Parmaco’s schools from Leppävirta have been exported also to Sweden.

Mikenti’s mission is to bring to the table the best know-how heating, sanitation and ventilation and how it is best implemented. Among other things, Mikenti has developed a ceiling-mounted heating and ventilation module, which has enabled Parmaco to increase the efficiency of its production capacity.

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