fire alarm system  

FireSec was responsible for the design and installation of a fire protection system for a large industrial manufacturing plant.

QMG subsidiaryFireSec Oy
Services Fire safety Security systems
CustomerIndustrial manufacturing plant


FireSec specialises in fire alarm systems for both industrial and public premises, such as schools. The company was selected to carry out a complete upgrade when the old system at the Finnish production unit of a large industrial company had reached the end of its life cycle. The cooperation will continue after the completion of the project under a maintenance contract.

In industry, customers need different solutions. In addition to standard fire detection, the site also included special detection.

Marko Saviahde, Managing Director, FireSec

The project was a challenging and varied one. The property to be renovated consists of several separate buildings with both office and production space. The different uses of the premises determined the most appropriate security system for each. In this case, the solution was found in the form of an integrated system using different detection technologies.

– It is a tailor-made networked system of several centres. In addition to standard fire detection, the site also included special detection, such as sampling and a pressure swing line heat detection system for demanding conditions. The latter is the best option for so-called dirty and challenging environmental conditions, confirms Marko Saviahde, CEO of FireSec.

In addition, FireSec implemented a graphical user interface for the control room, where you can see the alarm points on the system. In accordance with the customer’s wishes, the system also includes remote monitoring.

Focus on scheduling the work phases

The project lasted a year, and the importance of careful advance planning was highlighted. Work was carried out in stages so that the fire alarm system worked simultaneously without interruption.

FireSec staff went through a site-specific security briefing before the start. The installation environment took into account customer’s production process and each work area was separated. Safety practices guided the scheduling of the work phases throughout the project.

The project delivery included design, cabling and installation of the system, installation and programming of the central equipment, commissioning, testing, graphics, and final documentation.

– In industry, customers need different solutions. There may be smoke, or water vapour associated with production equipment or stages, strong temperature fluctuations, or anything else that needs to be taken into account in the overall design. We have a good cooperation with our equipment suppliers. Our expertise is to find the right and best solution for everyone, says Saviahde.

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