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Quattroservices Kaakkois-Suomi operates in the regions of Imatra, Kotka, Kouvola and Hamina in addition to Lappeenranta. In the electrical design of Vapaudenaukio 3, adaptability of the premises was taken into account from the beginning.

DeveloperASSI Group
QMG subsidiaryQuattro­services Kaakkois-Suomi Oy
Services Electrical contracting

A full-service electrical contractor for all installations

In Lappeenranta, Vapaudenaukio is the city’s central business environment. In spring 2020, a new modern office building with multi-space offices was completed in the area. The developer ASSI Group is an investment company focused on the ownership and rental of residential and office space. Quattroservices Kaakkois-Suomi was responsible for the electrical installations.

ASSI Group has built several high-quality properties in the centre of Lappeenranta. Quattroservices Kaakkois-Suomi was the electrical contractor for the Vapaudenaukio 3 office building project but also in many other projects.

New construction is developing Lappeenranta’s urban landscape. The modern office building, Vapaudenaukio 3, located near good transport connections, has been designed to be flexible and well suited for a variety of business uses. There are also commercial spaces on the street level. The blocks are home to more than fifty companies and the surrounding area offers a wide range of services.

Electrical contracting for the multifunctional facilities of the new office building was a major customer order for Quattroservices Kaakkois-Suomi. The client was the developer and the company was responsible for the installation work as well as the supply of materials. Three to six electricians worked on the site at any one time.

Electrical design had already taken into account the adaptability of the spaces from the very beginning. The building was fitted with a light rail installation, with sockets and data points at the top of the rail. The socket poles make it quick and easy to build the electrical and telecommunications cabling. This makes the space easily adaptable and internal walls can be moved and removed as required. Around 600 data sockets were installed during the contract.

The lighting in the property is controlled by motion sensors. Some of the spaces were equipped with a DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) system to control multiple lighting zones and at the same time take into account the special needs of the spaces in different operating situations.

Quattroservices Kaakkois-Suomi operates in Lappeenranta, Imatra, Kotka, Kouvola and Hamina. Company is known as a contractor for public facilities such as schools, kindergartens and hospital buildings. In addition, the company’s new construction and renovation projects also include commercial premises and housing associations.



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