QMG forms a strong HVAC and sprinkler hub in Central Finland by combining Mikenti and JVL

QMG will merge its subsidiaries Mikenti Oy Jypro and Jyväskylä Vesi ja Lämpö Oy during the early autumn. The new company will be called Mikenti Oy and will have equal units in Jyväskylä and Leppävirta.

Mikenti is a pioneer in HVAC module installation in Leppävirta, and, as a partner of its customer Parmaco, is responsible for supplying schools and day-care centres throughout the country. Mikenti also implements sprinkler systems for construction and industrial projects. Jyväskylän Vesi ja Lämpö (JVL) is known as a versatile HVAC installation, renovation, and maintenance company, providing services to properties ranging from detached houses to apartment blocks, terraced houses, and commercial buildings. The companies have an annual turnover of around €12 million and employ 65 HVAC professionals.

– We will create a strong HVAC and sprinkler hub from Mikenti and JVL, offering contracting and services in HVAC solutions and sprinkler systems. We will develop our units in Jyväskylä and Leppävirta and maintain our installation capacity nationwide, says Mikko Sahikallio, Managing Director of Mikenti and Regional Director of QMG’s Central Finland region.

– The merger will not have any impact on personnel, but is aimed at development and supporting growth. The companies have served different customer segments, so they complement each other perfectly, Sahikallio continues.

The merger was initiated for a number of reasons. Vesa Lehtomäki, the Managing Director of JVL, which is doing well, is due to retire this autumn, and a successor was sought. Mikenti has also identified growth potential in both HVAC and sprinkler systems.

A builder with close knowledge of building services engineering to lead JVL

Jussi Lehto, a civil engineer, has been appointed as the head of Mikenti’s Jyväskylä unit. Jussi will start as JVL’s leader on 14 August, and Vesa Lehtomäki will stay on until the induction and transfer of knowledge is complete. Jussi has a wealth of experience in leading large-scale and interesting construction projects in the Jyväskylä region – and he also has some HVAC genes.

– After my studies, I first worked as a foreman and production engineer in various construction companies, and since 2010 as a site manager and responsible foreman at SRV. I have worked on projects in the public sector, commercial buildings, and manufacturing. Before that, I worked for my father’s HVAC company during my school years and I was considering entrepreneurship, but it was not the time for that yet. I also gained good experience during my student years working for Jypro, so I’m also familiar with sprinkler technology, says Jussi Lehto.

– It’s a pleasure to pass on the lead responsibility in Jyväskylä to Jussi. It’s great that we found a professional with extensive knowledge of construction and building services engineering. Cooperation with construction companies is important to us. At the same time, I would like to warmly thank our customers, the people in the industry and QMG for the good cooperation. My entrepreneurial career got a great ending round, says Vesa Lehtomäki.

Mikko Sahikallio will continue as Mikent’s CEO and Petri Pajunen as Mikenti’s Leppävirta unit manager. Similarly, Pasi Viinikainen will continue to be responsible for Mikenti’s sprinkler business under Jussi Lehto. With his appointment, Jussi Lehto joins the Nimlas Group, QMG’s parent company, in its ownership programme.

Pictured: Jussi Lehto takes over the lead responsibility for JVL and will continue to serve as Mikenti’s Jyväskylä unit manager.

For more information:

Mikko Sahikallio, Managing Director, Mikenti Oy and QMG’s Regional Director for Central Finland, +358 050 477 0707, mikko.sahikallio@qmg.fi

Jussi Lehto, Managing Director (from 14 August), Jyväskylän Vesi ja Lämpö Oy, +358 40 525 3432, jussi.lehto@qmg.fi.

Vesa Lehtomäki, Managing Director (until 14 August), Jyväskylä Vesi ja Lämpö Oy, +358 44 284 8299, vesa.lehtomaki@jvl.fi


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