QMG acquires electricity services provider Assonant in Helsinki

QMG increases its offering in electrical maintenance, repairs and services in the capital region. With the acquisition of Assonant, QMG’s service business in Finland will grow to 125 million euros.

Assonant has operated for 30 years in electrical maintenance, repairs and services serving rental housing companies and major property owners. Assonant employs 12 professionals, and its turnover is approximately 3 million euros.

The company’s founder, Petri Lahtinen, will continue as Managing Director. He will also join Nimlas Group’s shareholder programme. Petri lived his childhood in Sweden and moved to Finland with his family at the age of 16. In 1992, he began his studies as an electrical technician and founded his first company while still a student. Thanks to schoolyears in Helsingborg and Stockholm, Petri speaks fluent Swedish.

– My father suggested doing apartment renovations, and that’s when I became an entrepreneur. Soon I employed a few friends as well. After graduating and getting my qualifications, I focused entirely on electrical installations and maintenance. From the start, our customers have been rental housing companies and other large property owners, Petri Lahtinen says.

– I believe in the combination of agility and competence. Our technicians are very skilled, so I give them as much independence and responsibility as possible. Direct responsibility, professionalism and “bra jobbat” attitude have been our competitive advantage in the market. That’s also why QMG’s operating model suits us so well. I am looking forward to what kind of synergy benefits we can offer customers in, for example, automation or fire safety technology with other QMG companies, Petri continues.

QMG builds up its market share in electricity services

Tapani Lempinen, who has been with QMG for almost eight years, warmly welcomes Assonant. He leads JT-Sähkötekniikka, JRA-Sähkö and SW-Sähkö, which belong to QMG Partners, the group’s service network.

– In the Helsinki region, Assonant brings us strong service expertise. During the spring, we will see how we can present a versatile combination of contracting and services to our customers. I see a lot of opportunities, because Petri’s entrepreneurial attitude is similar to ours and we understand each other perfectly, Tapani Lempinen states.

In addition to services, QMG offers electrical contracting in Helsinki region through its subsidiaries Quattroservices and Mikenti Talotekniikka.

Photo: From left to right Tapani Lempinen, Petri Lahtinen and Pekka Pöykkö

Further information:

Pekka Pöykkö, Managing Director, QMG Partners Oy, pekka.poykko@qmg.fi, +358 50 432 4822

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