Long-time HVAC entrepreneur Jukka Laitinen is succeeded by Jarmo Koistinen

Since 2016, Vesijohtoliike J. Laitinen, a member of the QMG Partners service network, has established itself as a strong expert in plumbing services in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. 

The company offers plumbing repair and maintenance services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties, from pipe repairs to 24-hour on-call service. In-house HVAC design and consulting services, as well as drainage mapping and surveys, complete the range of services.

Founder Jukka Laitinen retired from the role of entrepreneur last April. Jarmo Koistinen, who had already worked at the company for 14 years, took over the management of the company since the beginning of January. On 30 September, there was a good atmosphere at the company’s premises in Olari, Espoo, when Jarmo hosted a coffee party for his former superior Jukka Laitinen and another expert, foreman Raimo Luomala. Koistinen took over as Managing Director on 1 October 2022.


We interviewed Jarmo Koistinen in the same context about the company’s transformation and the outlook for the sector.

– I would like to extend my warmest thanks to my good friend Jukka for his trust and for the well-planned transfer of responsibility. It is a pleasure to continue from here, he begins.

The last two heating seasons were spent working under exceptional conditions.

– Demand for HVAC services has remained stable, even though during the boom years, maintenance worked under difficult conditions and in protective gear. Nevertheless, all the work got done, says Jarmo.

Energy saving has been a top priority this year, both because of climate targets and the global situation. Rising energy prices are reflected in housing costs, so energy-saving tips are of interest to decision-makers and residents.

– Housing associations and property owners should now pay attention to their heating systems and include their condition in regular long-term planning. Energy consumption can be minimized by lowering room temperatures slightly. Many housing associations recommend 21 degrees Celsius. In addition, balancing radiator networks and upgrading old technology will ensure that the heating works properly, Jarmo stresses.

Pictured: front row, fourth Jarmo Koistinen, with Jukka Laitinen on his right.