An electrician became a supervisor

Experienced electrician not discouraged by knee pain: “as a supervisor, i can work with full capacity and help others”

Jyrki Väisänen has come a long way to become a supervisor in the electrical department of Mikenti Talotekniikka. Strong experience helps when he solves daily questions and manages work sites.

– I graduated as an electrician in 1986 and worked as an installer and supervisor in many different locations. I started at Web Sähkö in 2010 as a leading electrician, but then my knee started to hurt. It became clear that moving around at the construction sites would become too difficult. Then an opportunity opened up for me to become a supervisor, and now I can use everything I’ve learned and, what is more, I get a completely new perspective on projects, Jyrki Väisänen says, satisfied with his career.

What do you do as a supervisor?

– I usually have 3 to 4 construction sites to manage. My most important task is to help installers succeed. They must be able to work without interruptions. As the supervisor, I need to cooperate both within my own team and with customers, partners and other contractors. On construction sites, everyone’s interests have to be appreciated, says Jyrki.

The success of contracting projects depends a lot on the smooth flow of the work. The supervisor monitors that the documents and orders are in order and on time. Together with the leading electricians, Jyrki makes the plans so that the right experts are on the site at the right time.

How do you solve problem situations?

The supervisor must react quickly also when there’s trouble on the site.

– Unexpected things just happen. As soon as you notice, for example, that the work is delayed, you must report it at the contractors’ meeting or at the project meeting. Together, we will then find a solution that suits everyone and all of us can reach our goals.

Take care of yourself, and the work will go well

Jyrki also advises everyone to listen to people and themselves. These remarks are important, as they help to stay in the working life longer.

– Listen to people, and you will get your own business forward better. Every construction site requires good teamwork. It is equally important to take care of yourself and your physical and mental energy. Get enough sleep, exercise regularly and eat healthy, so you can prioritize work when it’s time for it. Additional training and learning also give strength and vitality.

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