Mikenti Oy Jypro

Mikenti Jypro offers air conditioning, heating and sanitation, cooling, and automation systems and technical services for modular construction as well as sprinkler systems for apartment and commercial buildings.

Mikenti Oy Jypro – comprehensive installations services for modular construction, and sophisticated sprinkler systems

Mikenti Jypro plans, prefabricates and installs air conditioning, heating and sanitation, cooling and automation systems for modular construction. As another service offering, we have sprinkler systems and their maintenance. We are located in Leppävirta and Jyväskylä, in Central Finland, and we deliver our solutions throughout the country.

Modular construction enables efficient, weather-protected assembly and short delivery times. Prefabricated modular buildings are typically schools, kindergartens and office buildings.

In prefabrication, Mikenti Jypro is responsible for the planning and installation of installations at our customer’s factory and at the building sites. The installations include all technical solutions for heating, sanitation and air-conditioning as well as heat distribution centres, water fittings and ventilation ducts – and the machines that keep air conditioning, heating and sanitation systems running.

As a sprinkler company, Mikenti Jypro has been approved by the Finnish Safety and Security Agency (TUKES). We have a long experience in delivering fire extinguishing systems for all kinds of buildings – such as manufacturing, healthcare, commercial, logistics, and residential. Prefabricated sprinkler systems are efficient to install especially in large buildings. As a service, we train our customers’ real estate professionals to use and supervise the systems.

Mikenti stands out as the original core of QMG. The company was founded in 1997 and QMG began to take shape there in 2005. Jypro joined Mikenti through an acquisition in 2008. 


Mikenti Oy Jypro 

Yrittäjäntie 2
79100 LEPPÄVIRTA, Finland

Sievisenmäentie 8 C
40420 JYSKÄ, Finland

Contact person

Mikko Sahikallio
Managing Director
+358 50 477 0707