QMG Partners and Digisys combine intelligent security services and installations

QMG Partners Oy, a provider of a wide range of building technology installation and maintenance services, and Digisys Oy, a specialist in security technology digitalisation, have entered into a partnership agreement that combines security technology expertise, installation and maintenance.

– QMG Partners has a diverse offering in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and the partnership with Digisys brings us more digital services and customer focus. We use digitalisation to improve the installation, commissioning, maintenance, service and management of security technology throughout the lifecycle of systems and buildings, says Pekka Pöykkö, CEO of QMG Partners.

QMG Partners, which consists of ten companies, is part of the nationwide QMG Group, the third largest building technology company in Finland. Security technology is one of QMG’s core service areas, for which the group has also acquired several contractors in various parts of Finland.

– QMG Partners strengthens Digisys’ installation services in Southern Finland, and nationally we have the resources of the Group’s forty companies behind us. Digisys’ intelligent expert services complement the offering of QMG companies nicely, says Pöykkö.

Digitalisation brings leading with knowledge to security technology

Digisys specialises in digital expert services for security technology and fire safety. This includes the main operation, management, system delivery, project management with schedules and costs, and management and supervision of these projects.

– We add value to both traditional security systems and building engineering. Digital interfaces collect information that helps to develop new types of intelligent, automated services and to anticipate equipment maintenance needs, says Sami Pakarinen, CEO of Digisys Oy. 

– As experts in technology and digitalisation, we support customers in developing technology-related business processes. We are also able to provide customer-specific reporting, Pakarinen continues.

For more information:

Pekka Pöykkö, Managing Director, QMG Partners Oy, +358 50 432 4822, pekka.poykko@qmg.fi

Sami Pakarinen, CEO, Digisys Oy, +358 40 655 2355, sami.pakarinen@digisys.fi

QMG (Quattro Mikenti Group)

QMG, or Quattro Mikenti Group, is a building engineering group that provides building engineering contracting and technical services for residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings, both new and renovation. The Group consists of approximately 40 local contracting and maintenance companies in Finland and employs 1300 building engineering professionals. QMG’s turnover in 2022 was approximately EUR 240 million. 

QMG in Finland, Sandbäckens in Sweden and Konstel in Norway together form the Nordic Nimlas Group, which is capitalised by private equity investor KLAR Partners and has 500 employee-owners. The Nimlas Group employs 3,500 people in the Nordic countries and has a turnover of around €600 million.



Digisys Ltd.

Digisys, founded in 2022 by Sami Pakarinen and Eero Pesola, is a company specialising in the digitalisation of security technology with a wide range of digital services. In recent months, the company has been joined by experienced professionals Petri Kuivala and Daniel Söderling. All are experienced security technology professionals and the executives have a combined experience of around 100 years in the industry.