Service manager in the security technology sector

As Service Manager, Janne Vertanen draws on his wide-ranging experience.

– Clients value our advice on security investments. Our expertise in telephone systems and networking is a good basis for the security industry. It’s worth coming to take a look, he says.

Janne started his career in the 1980s at “Kronoby Telefonandelslag”, the Kruunupyy Telephone Co-operative, in telephone installation and maintenance. Trained as a low-voltage installer, Janne went on to work at Kokkolan Puhelin and Anvia, where he became familiar with telephone systems, computer networks, and growing systems. After the phone companies, he joined Capcon in 2016 and is now Service Manager in Kokkola. This story shows how long and varied experience brings benefits every day.

The installation experience is very similar wherever a wire or network carries data. According to Janne Vertanen, they are united by systems thinking.

– Technologies evolve generation by generation. The key is to constantly want to learn new things and keep an eye on the future. When designing cabling, experience can be used to evaluate possible future extensions to the system. Customers appreciate advice that can save them money and effort in the future.

Varied tasks develop professional skills

Capcon is active not only in security technology, but also in electrical contracting and building services engineering. The varied tasks and wide network of contacts develop skills on many levels.

– We are the security supplier for turnkey contracts, where QMG supplies the electrical work. We work a lot with electrical contractors and building services companies in the region, says Janne Vertanen.

From a technological point of view, the security technology sector is changing dramatically. Software skills are becoming increasingly important, and Capcon is learning more about them. Digitalisation is adding the possibilities for intelligent security and surveillance. Some might compare it to the world of gaming, but this job is all about the real world.

– We are always working on interesting cases that are not open to ordinary people. We do important work to create security for people, businesses, and property. It’s always fascinating to follow the development of technology, Janne Vertanen stresses.