QMG supports its customers’ environmental goals

The different aspects of sustainability are important to us, and we also want to help our customers achieve their own environmental goals. The interest in renewable energy is growing, and the energy solutions of the future are being made today. Solar energy systems and related design and installations are a key service area where QMG will invest in the coming years.

– We want to be our customers’ trusted partner for responsible technical installations. New technologies, such as solar energy storage solutions, are constantly evolving, and we are systematically developing our own installation and design expertise, says Matti Ranne, QMG’s Vice President of Sustainability.

A-yhtiöt in Porvoo at the forefront of energy solutions

In Porvoo, the city’s housing programme sets targets up to 2030. It includes both attracting new residents to the city and ensuring the living comfort of existing residents. Another strategic objective is to use greener electricity for the city’s housing.

QMG’s JT-Sähkötekniikka has for many years provided various maintenance and installation services to A-yhtiöt, which a developer, owner, manager and caretaker of rental buildings owned by the City of Porvoo. The latest addition is the installation of solar energy systems. Teppo Riski, Real Estate Director of A-yhtiöt, looks far into the future when it comes to property development.

– Porvoo and A-yhtiöt are pioneers in energy solutions. It is important for us to build both sustainably and for the long term. In our rental housing production, we take into account the carbon footprint throughout the life cycle of the building. The aim is that all our properties will one day generate solar energy, Riski confirms.

– We work in good cooperation with the local district heating and electricity provider, Porvoon Energia.  We have solar panels on the roofs of the properties we own, and up to 20% of the company’s own annual energy production comes from solar power alone. The capacity can be used to the company’s overall economic advantage, as excess production can be transferred to the energy company’s grid, if necessary, which can use it elsewhere as green electricity.

Solar energy systems have a lot of development potential

Porvoon A-asunnot is a development-oriented developer and is interested in the carbon footprint of housing. We have worked well together to implement new solutions. They have taken the initiative, we have done an initial survey and proposed a suitable operating model for the building, says Tapani Lempinen, Managing Director of JT-Sähkötekniikka.

Lempinen sees a lot of development potential in solar power systems for Finnish housing production.  

– The efficiency of the panels has been improving all the time and they are a relatively inexpensive solution for housing companies. In the future, the sun can also be used to generate electricity for driving residents’ cars. For the time being, the difficulty of storing electricity for individual housing conpanies is still a barrier to development, says Lempinen.