Parmaco and Mikenti extend their partnership

Modular buildings are a much-needed alternative to construction. Municipalities and other property owners need flexible buildings, because space needs are changing.

Movable modular buildings were born for this need, and the market is growing year by year. Parmaco, which operates in Leppävirta, Pyhäjoki and Hämeenlinna, has already delivered 280,000 square meters of rental space to its customers in Finland and 50,000 square meters in Sweden. In addition to conversion flexibility, the buildings have a long life cycle, as the oldest and renovated Parmaco modular buildings have been in service for 40 years.

– We are known for school buildings, but our selection now includes also buildings in the health and social services sector, health centers and fire stations. We supply residential buildings with up to 8 floors, says Ismo Koponen, production director of Parmaco’s Leppävirta plant.

– Last year, Parmaco bought Fixcel in Hämeenlinna, whose steel-framed modular buildings increase our offering under the new name Parmaco Health, Koponen continues.

Mikenti is Parmaco’s long-term partner in installations

For several decades, Mikenti has been offering Parmaco heating and sanitation planning and installation services as a contract partner. Mutual success is based on joint development.

– Our operating principle is always being customer-oriented. Our entire delivery is based on it. The manufacturing and installation teams develop their work according to each area, and in regular meetings. Recently, we went through the consideration of ESG issues together. Continuous development work means that our know-how is renewed all the time, Ismo Koponen and Petri Pajunen, director of Mikenti’s HVAC contracting, sum up.

In the end, it’s the daily work and the quality of the collaboration that counts. One of the most important things to pay attention to is schedules, because module production works like a car assembly plant, where the flow of goods and work phases are interconnected.

– Smooth processes guarantee that we can offer deliveries in 3 to 4 months, while on-site construction may take 3 to 4 years. Our deliveries must be fast, cost-effective and reliable, Ismo Koponen emphasizes.

– Our common goals for the next few years are to increase the range and volume of modular buildings and to increase exports, Koponen and Pajunen confirm.

Mutual appreciation of partners is key

As a long-term partner in heating and sanitation contracting, Mikenti not only manages installations and development, but they also offer much-needed flexibility to Parmaco’s customer deliveries.

– The calendar naturally dictates the needs that our customers have. For example, handovers of school and daycare facilities usually take place after summer holidays or around Christmas. We offer strong installation capacity around the country, says Petri Pajunen.

The growth of QMG as Mikenti’s parent company has also been welcome to Parmaco. In addition to human resources, the group benefits Parmaco in the form of improved procurement conditions. Mikenti has been the core of the QMG, literally the letter M in the abbreviation, from which it has grown into a group of 40 companies in Finland.

Petri Pajunen, who has been involved in Parmaco partnership for a long time, brings up an important point of view for the personnel: a high-quality and appreciative partnership also creates well-being at work.

– We have noted with satisfaction that our long-term partnership with Parmaco is an attractive factor for heating and sanitation professionals. Some Mikenti people have taken far-away jobs but, when their life situation has changed and they return home, they want to come here again to work as module-building experts, Petri Pajunen states.


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