Nine companies awarded for their safety at work

QMG certificates of honour for occupational safety 2023

QMG has awarded certificates of honour to nine of its subsidiaries that have achieved a valuable accident frequency of zero in 2022. In the building services sector, it means zero lost time injuries per million working hours.

The winning companies are AET-Automaatio, Calto Service, Hausmatic, Ilmastointi-Mikenti, JRA-Sähkö, Mikkelin Sähköasennus, Movitek Etelä-Suomi, Palokatkot Vänskä and SW-Sähkö. The prizes were awarded on 5 May in Vierumäki.

In QMG, the Group provides companies with support and partners for the development of occupational safety.

– We congratulate the companies that have done a good job and hope that next year we will be able to award even more companies because every accident is too many. We therefore encourage companies to improve their safety culture. It is important, especially for the well-being of staff, but it is also seen by customers as part of today’s quality competence, says Heikki Kiiskilä, QMG’s Regional Director for Safety at Work.


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