From electrician to foreman

Jyrki Väisänen has come a long way to become a foreman in the electrical department at Mikenti Talotekniikka. His strong experience helps him to solve daily problems and manage construction sites.

– I graduated in 1986 and worked as a electrician and foreman on a wide range of sites. In 2010 I started at Web Sähkö as a foreman, but then my knee started to hurt. It became clear that moving around the sites would be too difficult. I was given the opportunity to become a foreman, and here I can use everything I’ve learned – and now I get a whole new perspective on projects,” says Jyrki Väisänen, happy with his career.

What is the job of an electrical foreman like?

– I usually have 3-4 sites to run. The most important job of a foreman is to help the team of electricians to succeed. Their work must not be interrupted. The role of a foreman requires a collaborative approach, both within your own team and with clients, partners, and other contractors. On construction sites, everyone’s interests must be aligned, says Jyrki.

A lot depends on the smooth running of works to ensure the success of contracting projects. The foreman makes sure that documents and orders are in order and on time. Together with the foremen, Jyrki plans the rational use of resources to ensure that the right people are on site at the right time.

How do you solve problems?

The foreman is also expected to react quickly when something pops up.

– Sometimes in life there are surprises. The most important thing is that as soon as you notice a delay, for example, you report it in writing at a contractor meeting or site meeting. Together, we can then find a solution that works for everyone and achieves the objectives.

Take care of yourself, and you’ll get the job done

Jyrki also advises everyone to listen to people and themselves. These tips are important, as they will help you stay in the workplace longer.

– Listen to people and you’ll get your point across better. Every site requires good teamwork. It’s equally important to look after yourself and your own well-being. Get enough sleep, exercise regularly and eat healthily so you can prioritise work when the time is right. Further training and learning will also give you strength and vitality.


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