Enhancing partnerships between builders and installation professionals

On March 1, 2024, I will receive the role and responsibilities as CEO of QMG from Kimmo Liukkonen. He will soon be taking his well-earned leave, and I will focus on the group’s projects and services. Coming from construction industry, I am expecting to see a lot of new things in one of Finland’s leading installation groups – and at the same time recognise a lot of familiar links between these businesses.

In my previous positions, I have learned about the partnership between installation companies and builders from many angles. My conclusion is that installations and services represent the builder’s most versatile partner. And there certainly is a lot of mutual appreciation.

During my career, I have gained experience and know-how in many fields. In 1994, I graduated with a master’s degree in civil engineering from Helsinki University of Technology (currently Aalto University). At the turn of the millennium, I completed MBA studies in business management in Canada. The MBA course made me interested in management and organizational psychology – why we act the way we do in work environment.

The North American environment also taught me a bolder attitude. In Finland we learn to be modest and stick to what we know, whereas the years in Canada encouraged me to approach new challenges with an open mind.

Moving back to Finland, I worked for six years at the Finnish Technical Research Centre VTT, where I made research on, among other things, the best control methods for projects and information modelling (BIM). Next, at Skanska, I got interesting business development tasks and renewed building technology operating models, among other things. At the same time, I learned a lot about contractor relations. In 2016, I got line responsibility for Skanska Oy’s regional units in Eastern and Northern Finland, and recently Southern Finland was also on my work list.

To summarise my thinking, the key to every project is the team. Success requires team unity and good leadership. I believe you can influence most things. Furthermore, during my three years on the board of the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL, I learned that we must work hard to ensure new talents want to enter the construction industry and stay here.

Last fall, I heard about the opportunity to lead this versatile building technology company, QMG. The Nordic story of Nimlas convinced me. Now when I am stepping into this position, I want to create the best possible partnerships between builders as well as installations and technical services experts, and implement Nimlas’ growth strategy in Finland.

Tiina Koppinen

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