Tampere Tram depot

Competent leadership and seamless co-operation among separate operators ensured that the construction of the depot was completed on schedule.

DeveloperTampere Tramway alliance
QMG subsidiaryQuattro­services Tampere Oy
Surface areaFloorspace 7400m2 (office/maintenance hall) and 5400m2 (storage)
Services Electrical contracting

Tampere’s new tram depot gave an exciting challenge

Quattroservices Tampere was in charge of the tram depot project. Competent leadership and seamless co-operation among separate operators in amalgamation with a high degree of professionalism ensured that the construction of the depot was completed on schedule. The whole tram system will be completed in 2025.

The tram depot, located in Tampere’s industrial Rusko district, is the round-the-clock operational centre used for the organization of traffic and maintenance. Quattroservices Tampere acted as a subcontractor to YIT Finland in the construction project. The project differed significantly from average construction sites.

A larger than usual amount of building technology was installed to the depot. In addition, machines and equipment previously not used in Finland were also installed, owing to the nature of the operations conducted at the depot. The duration of the project for Quattroservices Tampere was 12 months and it included work done to the tubing and cooling of the facility, consisting of the water chiller, air conditioning aftercooler, and the fan coil network. The company was also responsible for acquiring and installing the central vacuum cleaner system and compressed air network to be used in the cleaning and maintenance of tram carriages. The latter is used to supply air for equipment in the maintenance hall of the depot.

Track builders and high voltage technicians in were working alongside our pipefitters and AC fitters in the area. The installation work was also affected by the overhead contact lines and the tracks on the floor. There are ca. four kilometres of electrified tracks at the depot, some of which run through the maintenance halls. Successful logistics and scheduling were instrumental since the progress of individual construction operations affected the other lots in the area.

This historic project required professional expertise and excellence from all involved parties, in addition to the skill and willingness to problem-solve on the spot and to be open-minded about learning new concepts.  Responsible and flexible operating aided in meeting set goals and the premises were ready well before the beginning of test runs.

Kuva: Wille Nyyssönen



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