New life to an old block

Special expertise in house building enables making an exceptionally wide construction a success story.

Contractor Rakennusyhtiö Jalon Rakentajat Oy
QMG subsidiaryMikkelin Sähkö­asennus Oy
Services Electrical contracting

Mikkelin Sähköasennus helps bring the Silo Block to life

Special expertise in house building enables making an exceptionally wide construction project that has been attracting plenty of attention, a success story also when it comes to electrical installation.

The massive 43-meter-high grain silos and the mill next to them became well-known landmarks both to the people living in Mikkeli as well as to those passing through the town by train or bus. The area known as the “Siilokortteli” (Silo Block) is located right next to the railway station and travel center. Plans and discussions about developing the area have been ongoing for some time, as the use of the silos ended back in the 1980’s. In 2022, the Silo Block awakened to its new glory as the new apartment buildings were built on the places of the grain silos and the mill.

It goes without saying that the construction projects raised special attention. As the 14- and 9-floor buildings (housing companies Mikkelin Siilot and Mikkelin Valssimylly respectively) have been completed, the entire city center has gotten a welcome facelift.

Eetu Jänis,project manager with the construction company Jalon Rakentajat Oy, admits that the area that plays a significant role in the townscape has been receiving exceptional attention. The cleanliness and work safety at the site were additionally emphasized as interested residents and tourists were moving around nearby.

– Jalon Rakentajat hails from Mikkeli, so we have been well aware of the special meaning of the Silo Block to the town and residents. Quality, reliability, and safety have always been the cornerstones of our operations, and we paid plenty of attention to them also in these projects.

The same strict criteria were placed to subcontractors. The electrical installation to the buildings was carried out by Mikkelin Sähköasennus – a local company with which Jalon Rakentajat had collaborated earlier.

– Good experiences obviously play a role in selecting partners. We invited tenders regarding electrical installation the usual way, and through negotiations decided to sign a contract with Mikkelin Sähköasennus, Eetu Jänis says.

The biggest challenge in building the Silo Block was the size of the project. Even though the tasks as such were quite typical and familiar to seasoned professionals, the exceptionally large area had an effect on the duration of the work. As Mikkelin Sähköasennus employs professionals that specialize in housing construction, smart progression could be ensured, so that everyone was able to do their part at the right time from the entire project’s point of view.

Eetu Jänis tells that everything worked out the way one can expect with capable professionals – in a clear, straightforward, and smooth way from start to finish. Jalon Rakentajat had their own electrical designer involved, and the problems that came across were solved quickly by combining efforts. With everyone helping each other, the work progressed smoothly. The electric installations were completed on schedule.

– All in all, flexible, professional, high-quality installation work. I am more than satisfied with our collaboration with Mikkelin Sähköasennus.


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