K-Citymarket Lightning

Mesiel was responsible for the lighting upgrade of K-Citymarket and another market located next door in the same building. The installations were carried out at night when the shops were closed.

QMG subsidiaryMesiel Oy
Surface area17 000 m²
Services Electrical contracting Energy efficiency
CustomerK-Citymarket Kokkola


Kesko opened its first hypermarket in Lahti in the 1970s. Today, there are more than 80 Citymarket stores across Finland. They represent Kesko’s largest store type and offer a wide range of consumer goods in addition to groceries. The Citymarket property in Kokkola was completed in 2013. Ten years later, it was time to modernise the lighting.

Mesiel was responsible for replacing the ceiling luminaries and purchasing all the related accessories for a total of around 17 000 m2 of commercial premises, as well as renewing the outdoor lighting. The company already had a lot of experience in similar smaller projects. Mesiel has carried out lighting upgrades for the Citymarket in Pietarsaari, among others.

I am very satisfied with the final result and implementation of the lighting renovation

Tapio Rintamäki, Department Store Manager, K-Citymarket Kokkola

Mesiel’s Marko Kontiainen, who was responsible for the project, says that the site was different from the usual, especially in terms of working hours. The replacement of luminaires in the shop premises and main corridors could only be carried out at night when the premises were closed to customers.

– Night work at this site literally meant staying overnight. The building has security systems and shell surveillance on at night. Our installers arrived as scheduled from Sunday to Wednesday before the store closed at 9 p.m. The shift lasted until about 6 a.m. in the morning. Likewise, all the installation equipment for that shift was moved indoors well in advance, as it was no longer possible to leave in the middle of everything.

The electrical work took more than three months. In addition to the installation of new luminaires, it included the extension of the KNX system, including bus cabling modifications and new sensor bus cabling, as well as the installation of motion sensors and central components. 85% of the luminaires are addressable DALI luminaires.

– In total, we installed about 2000 new luminaires, about 300 Wago-Winsta connection cables and about 250 Wago-Winsta forks. Most of them were installed using scissor lifts. Again, the working environment required care and attention, even though there were no staff or customers in the shop at the same time, Marko Kontiainen says.

In addition, the entire exterior lighting system was replaced during the project, i.e. the column luminaires and the wall-mounted spotlights attached to the building wall. Mesiel had a foreman and six of its own installers working at the site.

– I am very satisfied with the final result and implementation of the lighting renovation, Tapio Rintamäki, Department Store Manager”, K-Citymarket Kokkola.

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