Hiukkavaara supplementary school

A modern school with adaptable classrooms is a much-needed addition to a growing residential area. The issue of how to keep ventilation running smoothly in the multi-use building was resolved already at the planning table.

ContractorTemotek Oy
DeveloperHoivatilat Oyj
QMG subsidiaryMovitek Oy
Surface area4200 m2
Services Heating and sanitation Ventilation

Convertible learning spaces for a growing district

Movitek is involved in the construction of the Hiukkavaara supplementary school in Hiukkavaara, Oulu. The existing Hiukkavaara elementary school is connected to a multi-purpose building, and the additional school will expand the teaching facilities to meet the needs of the growing area. 

The school building that is under construction has a floor area of almost 4,400 square metres. The school will have 3 floors, two of which will accommodate 350 primary school pupils and 30 staff members and the third floor will accommodate AC machinery. The building will be constructed of concrete and timber frame. The external appearance of the additional school will blend in well with the existing multi-purpose building, with a more creative angularity to the floor plan, rather than the traditional rectangular shape. 

The classrooms in the additional school are designed to be adaptable – by moving walls, the rooms can be rearranged if necessary. This also means that ventilation needs to be kept up to date, which must be considered already at the planning table. Of course, the requirements will also be influenced by recreational activities in the evenings. Schools in general contain a wide range of technical facilities, including not only classrooms but also sports halls, kitchens, and technical facilities for craft work. 

Anna Liedes, project manager at Movitek, says that with modern methods and a lot of experience, it is possible to coordinate all the technology.

– Schools are always nice projects since we are building good environments for future children, with modern facilities that are good to breathe in. From a technical perspective, schools are a bit bigger and more challenging, which makes this project interesting too. Variety is refreshing!

Planning together for the long term 

The Hiukkavaara supplementary school is being built by Hoivatilat Oyj and the main contractor is Temotek. The building will be constructed on a lease model, where Hoivatilat will lease the school to the City of Oulu on a 25-year contract. Hoivatilat Oyj’s responsibility for the school thus extends beyond the guarantee period for the entire rental period. 

– Cooperation with the City of Oulu’s experts has been fruitful, as the work and expertise are trusted on both sides. The building is designed to last in the long term, says Jari Lehto, Construction Manager at Hoivatilat. 

Lehto has been guiding the planning and is responsible for project management during the construction phase. The project started with a public tender and the design requirements of the City of Oulu. Among other things, the S2 indoor climate class and the P1 purity management define a great deal of both the working methods and the dimensioning principles. Of course, dust-free installation also guarantees better working conditions for installers. 

New school building to be operational in 2025

The construction project of the secondary school in Hiukkavaara has involved one Movitek officer and an average of 5 installers. The school project started in May 2023, and the school will be operational in early 2025.

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