Päijät-häme central hospital

Kuusitunturi Lahti has extensive electrical expertise required for demanding projects in healthcare facilities. The company has carried out electrical works at the Päijät-Häme Central Hospital and in the Lahti City Hospital renovation projects.

DeveloperCentre of Excellence on Social Welfare in Päijät-Häme
QMG subsidiaryKuusi­tunturi Lahti Oy
Surface area34 600 m2
Services Electrical contracting


The Päijät-Häme Central Hospital has been one of the largest construction projects in Lahti and in the whole region. Kuusitunturi Lahti, member of QMG since 2021, was responsible for the electrical works, telecommunications and security systems of the new property. The company had solid experience in the electrification of healthcare facilities.

The new hospital wing is a seven-storey building where the ventilation room is situated in the top floor. By the end of 2023, the new building will house the operating theatre as well as maternity, neonatal and gynaecology units, operative wards, equipment room and logistics facilities.

Kuusitunturi Lahti has extensive electrical expertise required for demanding projects. The company had previously carried out the electrical work at the emergency care and on-call centre of the Päijät-Häme central hospital. In 2016–2017, they also were responsible for the electrical contract in the Lahti City Hospital renovation project.

The hospital building has a wide variety of special rooms, including operating theatres, each of which is a demanding individual item from the point of view of installation work.

Juha Kosonen, Managing Director

The installation specialists of Kuusitunturi Lahti have installed nearly all of the hospital’s electrical systems. A large team from 15 up to 40 electricians has been working on the site at different stages.

– In addition to the two separate transformer stations that were constructed for the building, there were two standby power stations in the yard. The new hospital wing is equipped with Eaton’s uninterruptible power supply solution. Around 250 electrical substations have been installed and hundreds of kilometres of cable have been laid. Around 30 kilometres of fibre cable alone were needed, says Timo Mäkinen, the project manager responsible for the electricity contract.

The hospital operated as usual throughout the construction, which caused some challenges to the cramped hospital area site such as constant traffic. Juha Kosonen, Managing Director of Kuusitunturi Lahti, points out that a hospital site is hardly an ordinary electrical contract. Central hospital projects are demanding construction projects and require strong skills from all the specialists involved, as well as first-class coordination of schedules and work phases from the operators.

– Power cuts are not allowed under any circumstances and, therefore, the site has an extensive back-up power system. There are numerous facilities with specific requirements in the property such as operating theatres. Each of them is a demanding individual object from the installation point of view, Kosonen emphasises.

Installation volumes: approximately 350 km of grouped cables, 100 km of data network cables and 30 km of fibre cables. The total number of sockets installed is around 7,000.

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