Reporting suspected misconduct – Whistleblowing

The whistleblowing procedure is about having a confidential channel for those who detect suspected misconduct, other infringements or illegal activities, through which an independent function can be reached. At Quattro Mikenti Group, we take suspected misconduct seriously and we are committed to acting transparently, openly and in accordance with ethical principles.

What incidents should I report and through what channel?

We encourage you to report any suspected misconduct. Such misconduct or infringements may include, for example, fraudulent, dishonest, illegal or unethical conduct or behaviour, or any other violation of rules or regulations.

Within the QMG Group, suspicions may be reported to the supervisor, HR, CEO or regional manager. Reports may also be submitted via the whistleblowing channel, in which case the report is, in principle, anonymous and directed to independent processing. The whistleblower is not expected to be able to prove the suspicion, but reports should always be made in good faith.

The whistleblowing channel is intended only for reporting suspected wrongdoings. The reporting channel is not intended for customer feedback or complaints.

Processing and confidentiality of reports

Our whistleblowing channel is anonymous and is based on a secure and encrypted service. No information that could be used to identify the whistleblower will be stored. If they so wish, the whistleblower can provide their own contact information in connection with the report.

Reports sent to the whistleblowing channel are processed only by designated persons. They will initiate the necessary investigations, and the processing will be confidential. Even when the whistleblower chooses to disclose their identity, the information is kept confidential.

After submitting a report, the whistleblower will receive case-specific login credentials. By logging in later, they can maintain a dialogue with the processor, provide additional information, answer possible additional questions and receive information about the case status.

Any personal data will be erased from the system as soon as the investigation permits this. The individual whom the report concerns does not have the right to access the information.