Technopolis and Movitek: HVAC projects also build trust

Office space specialist Technopolis started in the 1980s in the legendary Technology Village in Oulu and now operates in six European countries. In Oulu, Technopolis has four campuses, where Movitek is a reliable partner for HVAC upgrades. Movitek’s latest major project with Technopolis was located on the Ydinkeskeskusta (Central Oulu) campus. The first phase involved a partial renovation of the premises and the second phase involved the construction of a new building, which almost doubled the surface area of the premises.


Marko Lind, head of Technopolis’ Oulu unit, describes the company’s customers as a diverse group whose needs Technopolis wants to serve as comprehensively as possible. Sometimes this can mean adapting premises to meet a customer’s changing situation, or adapting an office space to accommodate a completely new customer.

– Our customers’ industries range from product development to digital security to customer service, which creates a suitable challenge for us as an office space provider. As we have seen, the needs for office space are also influenced by a wide range of global situations and trends, says Lind.

When designing office space, one needs to take into account the changing needs of the future. This requires the contractor to have a broad understanding of the possibilities of building services engineering. Movitek is therefore praised by Lind for its far-sighted and well-founded HVAC planning. He also attaches importance to the contractor’s ability to react quickly to changing situations.

– Sometimes unexpected situations can arise in which it is advantageous to make quick cost estimates and evaluate possible solutions without delay. On the other hand, sometimes it is necessary to start a project before the final plan is finalised, refining the plan along the way.

Oiva Loukkojärvi, Managing Director at Movitek, is a fan of agile projects. Even challenging projects succeed when the contractor can react quickly and the project management is on top of the situation.

– It is important to truly understand the customer’s needs. Good project management ensures that the whole work chain is on the same page and the project is executed smoothly, says Oiva Loukkojärvi.


The Sepänkatu branch underwent a new extension and extensive renovation during 2018–2020. When expanding an already existing office space, the list of things to consider was different from the new construction side. The project was made more challenging by the location in the city centre and the use of the premises during the renovation.

– As a contractor, you can’t plan schedules on your own; everything you do has to take into account the day-to-day running of our business and that of our clients. Measures are agreed in advance and schedules are respected – to put it bluntly, a contractor cannot turn up at a client’s premises in the middle of a meeting with his boots spilling concrete. In addition to technical building skills, a contractor is also a customer service representative who needs to have a situational awareness, says Marko Lind.

Movitek operates in northern Finland, and over the years the HVAC contractor has gained valuable experience in the region in getting even the most challenging projects through. As an HVAC contractor for demanding projects, Movitek takes care of the overall progress of the project cooperation.

– We are happy to rely on a contractor with insight into project management and an in-depth understanding of HVAC technology, concludes Lind.

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