Quattroservices strengthens its order book – good employment two years ahead

Quattroservices has won a large order book of building engineering projects for major sites in Southern Finland. It plays a key role in projects such as four hospitals, the old terminal at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, Finlandia Hall, Kumpula Science High School and the Nokia Welfare Centre.

Quattroservices Oy focuses on major building engineering projects, where it is either a supplier of a selected service area or a complete building engineering supplier. Quattroservices is headquartered in Espoo, with offices in Hämeenlinna and Tampere. Quattroservices is the largest subsidiary of the building engineering group QMG.

Quattroservices’ infrastructure projects completed in 2021-22 include the electrical contracting of Helsinki-Vantaa T2 terminal and Länsimetro. Traffic on the new section of Länsimetro started on 3.12.2022. At the airport, the company will continue with the renovation of the old terminal’s building services.

EUR 28 million electricity contract in Jorvi

Quattroservices has recently won major hospital projects. In the new 50 000 m2 hospital project in Jorvi, Espoo, the company is responsible for the electrical contracting. The project will be completed between 2025 and 2026. The new hospital is built by alliance model contracting, and the alliance will be led by SRV.

– I believe an important success factor for us is our extensive knowledge of alliance projects and how to operate in them. Alliances help us to skilfully bring major Finnish building engineering projects to the finish line,” says Kimmo Lehtonen, Managing Director of Quattroservices Oy.

Quattroservices is also involved in the alliance for the electrical and plumbing contracting of Laakso Hospital and the renovation of Naistenklinikka Hospital in Helsinki. The Laakso Hospital project is in the development phase and the Women’s Hospital in the implementation phase.

Multi-year building services projects and the unique renovation of the Finlandia Hall

Schools, educational institutions, and other public buildings are also important areas of expertise for Quattroservices. The joint project of the City of Helsinki and Helsinki University Properties Ltd to relocate the Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Natural Sciences to Kumpula Campus is currently undergoing operational tests for building services engineering. Quattroservices has been selected as the complete building services supplier for the Maatulli School project in Helsinki. In the unique major renovation of the Finlandia Hall, Quattroservices is responsible for the electrical work, which will be completed in the summer 2024.

Quattroservices’ local unit in Hämeenlinna has been selected for the electrical contract for the intensive care unit of the Kanta-Häme Central Hospital. This is the most demanding part of the hospital, including the electrification of the operating theatres. The Tampere unit’s building engineering projects include the Nokia Welfare Centre, the Tampere University of Technology, and the Sampo school in Tampere.

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