QMG Partners strengthens its electrical contracting services in Southern Finland – JRA-Sähkö and Sähkösalpa merge

The electrical contractors JRA-Sähkö Oy and Sähkösalpa Oy, part of QMG Partners’ network, will merge – the new company will continue to operate from 1 September under the name JRA-Sähkö Oy and with Sähkösalpa’s existing business ID 1006803-3.

QMG Partners’ business in Uusimaa is growing and this arrangement will streamline the organisation of the electrical contracting services and strengthen the services. The arrangement will have no impact on customer contracts, contracts in progress, staff employment or contact details. After the merger, Tapani Lempinen will continue as Managing Director of JRA-Sähkö Oy.

JRA-Sähkö specialises in line renovation, telecommunications systems, and electrical installations for industrial, commercial, and municipal premises. QMG Partners’ network includes 11 building services companies in Southern Finland. It is part of the QMG Group.

For more information:

Tapani Lempinen, JRA-Sähkö Oy, tel. +358 40 7525330 tapani.lempinen@jra-sahko.fi
Anssi Alamylläri, JRA-Sähkö Oy, tel. +358 45 1384838 anssi.alamyllari@jra-sahko.fi
Matti Ranne, Managing Director, QMG Partners Oy, +358 400 317 110, matti.ranne@qmg.fi