QMG acquires Rauno Saari Oy, a prominent HVAC player in Helsinki region

Rauno Saari Oy:n Mikko Saari ja QMG:n Pekka Pöykkö kättelevät.

In December 2023, Rauno Saari Oy was awarded as HVAC contractor of the year. Now they are joining QMG, and the entire staff will continue in their positions.

Rauno Saari Oy focuses on heating, sanitation and ventilation solutions for business premises in the Helsinki region. In addition to construction companies, their key customers include retail properties, shopping centers as well as industrial, healthcare and public sector buildings.

Rauno Saari Oy’s net sales in the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2024, was approximately EUR 5.9 million. The company employs 10 professionals, in addition to which it works with a subcontractor network of 20 to 30 people. The company’s offices are located in Vantaa and Forssa, and this year they are also celebrating their 30th anniversary.

Rauno Saari Oy bolsters QMG’s service business

The acquisition of Rauno Saari Oy strengthens QMG’s service business in Helsinki region in line with the group’s strategy. The acquisition has no effect on the personnel – the entire staff will continue in their current positions.

– We are happy to welcome the qualified team of Rauno Saari Oy to QMG. We appreciate their commitment and determination as installation professionals, QMG’s service business director Pekka Pöykkö asserts.

– The acquisition complements our offering in the capital region and Uusimaa, which is now represented by Ilmastointi-Mikenti, LVI-Trio and Vesijohtoliike J. Laitinen. As a result of the transaction, the volume of QMG’s HVAC service business in Uusimaa will reach approximately 40 million euros, Pekka Pöykkö continues.

In project business, QMG’s subsidiaries Quattroservices and Mikenti Talotekniikka implement large-scale HVAC systems in Uusimaa and the capital region.

Emphasising wide-ranging expertise

Rauno Saari Oy’s CEO Mikko Saari leads the company founded by his father and bearing his father’s name. Mikko Saari thinks that the award as HVAC contractor of the year was due to the company’s long-term and profitable business and good customer satisfaction. He also emphasizes the importance of wide-ranging professional skills.

– The company has always been profitable, even though many kínds of economic cycles have taken place during the 30 years. We have always strived to build a versatile competence for the team. Apart from retail sector, we are actively serving many industries and working as a close partner to construction companies, Saari says.

QMG and Rauno Saari Oy were already familiar from joint projects.

– We have known QMG as a very professional and well-organized company. Joining the group brings us stronger resources for business development. For us, it is also important to be able to continue with our own name and operating model, because we believe in it, says Mikko Saari.

After the acquisition, Mikko Saari and his sister Hanna Saari will join the shareholder program of QMG’s parent company Nimlas Group.

Photo: From left, Mikko Saari and Pekka Pöykkö are delighted to announce Rauno Saari Oy, the leading retail sector HVAC specialist, is joining QMG. Citymarket project in Järvenpää was one of the biggest ever for the company.

For further information:

Pekka Pöykkö, Business Director, QMG Service, pekka.poykko@qmg.fi, +358 50 432 4822

Mikko Saari, CEO, Rauno Saari Oy, mikko.saari@raunosaari.fi, +358 40 563 6438

Rauno Saari Oy

Rauno Saari Oy is a HVAC contractor founded in 1994. They focus on business properties, industrial and office buildings as well as public sector properties. The services cover heating, sanitation, ventilation and energy solutions. The company’s key customer groups include major construction companies, property owners and retail chains and companies. Rauno Saari Oy employs 10 professionals and a dedicated network of subcontractors. The company’s net sales is approx. 5,9 million euros. www.raunosaari.fi

QMG in brief

QMG is one of Finland’s largest installation companies delivering projects and maintenance services nationwide. QMG’s range of services covers all aspects of technical installations. The group includes 48 subsidiaries across the country. In 2023, QMG’s turnover was EUR 270.1 million (pro forma). The group employs more than 1,500 professionals. QMG, Swedish Sandbäckens and Norwegian Konstel form the Nordic Nimlas Group. The main owner of Nimlas is private equity company KLAR Partners. In addition, there are more than 500 personnel members in Nimlas Group’s ownership program. For more information, please check www.qmg.fi

Key information about Nimlas Group

Nimlas Group is a leading Nordic installation and technical property services group that employs approximately 4,000 professionals in more than 120 companies in Sweden, Finland and Norway. Nimlas offers a wide range of projects and services. The selection covers, among others, heating and sanitation, ventilation, electrical, automation, refrigeration, refrigeration technology, fire safety as well as planning and security technology solutions. Nimlas has set its goal to be the most profitable installation group in the Nordic countries and a promoter of responsibility with a vision to be interesting for local companies and offer them the best growth environment. Nimlas Group’s turnover in 2023 was approximately SEK 8 billion (pro forma). For more information, please check www.nimlasgroup.com


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